The Ontario Solicitor Network is designed to provide a platform for corporate, real estate and estate solicitors across Ontario to communicate with one another and with others about issues relevant to our practices.

For the most part, solicitors have a low profile. We work behind the scenes supporting the orderly transfer and encumbrance of real estate and other assets, maintenance of corporate and government legal and business infrastructure, and the transfer of wealth between generations. Often our work is taken for granted. Few appreciate the value of our contributions to the stability of our economy, our culture and our society in general. Some even feel that a substantial part of what we do can be commoditized or reduced to self-help exercises on the internet. 

With better communication among ourselves, with those who govern our profession, with governments at all levels and with the pubic, we can raise our profile and play a bigger role in many areas. We can also enhance the perception and the appreciation of the value we add to the profession and to society at large.  

This website was launched in 2015 to deal primarily with getting more solicitors elected as Benchers in the April 2015 Law Society Elections. The Ontario Solicitor Network and this website will grow and improve over time.