The Law Society of Ontario is mandated to govern the legal profession in the public interest. Every four years member of the Law Society elect 40 lawyer benchers to sit as members of Convocation to fulfill that mandate (along with 5 paralegal and 8 lay benchers).  The next election will be held in April 2019.

Solicitors are historically underrepresented in Convocation and in local law association governance.  In the 2015 Bencher Election, only 3 lawyers with a real estate practice were elected. While Convocation deals with complex matters affecting the solicitors bar, the voice of front-line, practising solicitors is limited.

The Bencher Election in 2019 presents an opportunity to address the dramatic and chronic underrepresentation of solicitors in Convocation and to substantially strengthen the voice of solicitors. 

The following 2019 Bencher Candidates have identified real estate as a substantial part of their practice: